Cyber Security
Use Cases

Case 1: Inside Threats and Malicious Hackers

You have installed the latest anti-virus software and have built a firewall fortress to protect your infrastructure. However a threat has still managed to sneak in undetected or was already present prior to your cyber security installations. Detecting intrusions quickly is vital to minimizing damage.

DataMAPt has created Threat Signatures, which can see markers in the performance data across many servers and endpoints. No matter what the malevolent event is up to, or how small it is, it takes resources from the computer it is on. DataMAPt can identify patterns in groups of machines and notify you of a possible security breach. Prevention is the best method, but when that fails, finding the problem as quickly as possible is critical to protecting your data.

Case 2: Scan for Unknown Devices

There are no security threats detected, however inside information is being leaked. How do you protect your company against people who have access to your internal network?

With DataMAPt Auto-Discovery you can actively see all changes that are made to the network at a hardware level. Run a scan and see what new devices have been plugged in. You run an auto-discovery scan, and two new objects appear in your infrastructure. You learn that a new employee has just gotten their computer.

However that other object is unaccounted for. Tracking down rogue objects has never been easier. By using DataMAPt's Auto-Discovery feature you are using a 3rd-party company to monitor your network and possibly expose internal threats.