DataStitch Business is unique in that all of our features have been designed and developed in-house.

Many competitors are a fusion of random products that a provider acquired over several years. This generally results in a confusing and disjointed system.

Our platform was designed for seamless flow between each feature and forethought towards integration and automation with other products.

Management features provide a framework to streamline internal data sharing and the meeting of goals.

Project Management

Time-saving, task-oriented features needed for successful execution.


Nurture prospects and accelerate revenue growth.

Automation enables you to keep a pulse on your IT team by simplifying time management and task progression.

Service Desk

Improve productivity with an efficient flow of tasks and tickets.

Time Tracking

Keep your workforce productive and cost effective..

Paperless provides a safe, organized way to access and share important information.


An organized team knowledge base that doesn't overwhelm.