Innovative Display and Networking Capabilities A Time Saving Feature

Multiple Components on a Single Display

MAPt can monitor multiple components and present them on a single dashboard.

See critical data for Databases, Servers, etc without needing to navigate to another page.

This is a unique feature as most other monitoring tools require extensive navigating and may not monitor as many components.

Customizable Options

Allowing the client to organize the dashboard to meet their needs is very important to us. That is why:

The view on the dashboard is customizable

Arrange the dashboard to view your most critical assets in the order you want to see them.

Monitor network flow from multiple locations

Along with monitoring key aspects of your systems, we show many views into the availability of your systems.

From calculating your overall uptime (99.999% for example) to showing network latency from multiple nodes, MAPt can give you a view into your IT infrastructure like no one else.