Agentless Efficient data gathering without negatively impacting your systems

Revolutionary Monitoring

Our extractor programs, called A.C.E.S., are designed to pull data from remote servers and store it in repositories on the DataMAPt servers.

Customers can configure how often the data is to be pulled back and how long the data is kept. There are 2 configurations that can be used to setup the extractors:

Have MAPt pull from one or more locations over the internet

Install an appliance in your data center(s) to run the extractors

MAPt can achieve what other tools can, and more,
without having to install an agent on any server.

True Impact of Agents

Every SA or DBA has horror stories of agents that have brought down servers, over-utilized CPU, filled up filesystems, etc.

Agents by definition slow down every server they are loaded on due to the fact that they are taking resources away from the databases or other applications.

It isn't uncommon to see 5-10 different agents running on a server and if each agent is taking just 2% of the CPU cycles, then you are losing 10-20% of your processing speed.

Agents will always seem lightweight at first, until they start impacting performance and causing headaches for your staff. The multitude of problems created by agents is what drove us to create MAPt - an agentless monitoring tool.