DataMAPt Version 3.5 is in Beta and will be GA early Q2

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is going to be a hot topic of IT systems for years to come and managing those systems is always going to be a focus. To that end, DataMAPt has improved functionality for various IaaS platforms such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. Don't just monitor your cloud infrastructure with separate monitoring tools, use DataMAPt to monitor and manage them as well. Did you know that you can use DataMAPt to schedule the starting and stopping of your IaaS servers? This could save you significant money as you generally only pay when your VM is running.

With so many types of objects to be monitored, it is vital that monitoring tools can be customized to fit the needs of each individual user. With that in mind, DataMAPt has updated its dashboard creation system and customization options. Create the dashboards that make your job easier.

Internet of Things (IoT) is growing faster than ever before. DataMAPt is ahead of the curve in IoT monitoring and has added dozens of sensors and dry contacts to its monitoring suite.

New Features

  • Advanced Windows Log monitoring
  • Full Remote Access for endpoints
  • SQL Server database drilldowns
  • Microwave Radio features
  • Improved Website monitoring
  • Simplified Dashboard enhancements
  • Customer visible Status Pages
  • Auto Monitor improvements
  • Windows Patching
  • Mac Monitoring improvements

Top New Feature

Status Page

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The Importance of Iot and Why You Should Monitor It

When it comes down to it, IoT saves us time by allowing menial and repetitive tasks to be automated and checked remotely, but it also saves money by allowing budgets to be trimmed and schedules to be dynamic and efficient. And all of this can be done from the simplicity of offices and homes. In this world of big data, and information flow, IoT is a chief provider.

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Videos Available

Check out DataMAPt's new Overview video explaining what DataMAPt does and how it works.

For MSP and Resellers, take a look at the Reseller and MSP video, explaining the MSP specific benefits and features of the DataMAPt service.

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IoT - Database Doesn't Discriminate

Having a database perspective is perfect for providing information from various sources in concise and easy to read formats. DataMAPt's database setup can collect data from all areas of an infrastructure in the same format. From there it becomes very simple to analyze and display it all in one graphical interface.

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