Monumental Data empowers your data with limitless possibilities, only your imagination holds you back.




Do you wish you could correlate data from your Billing Software to your CRM Sales reports?

Can you merge data from your multiple Apps with Project Management Software?

Have you ever needed to extract data from two critical applications but you can't?

DataMAPt is the answer you've been looking for.

Scale your business effortlessly.

DataMAPt has engineered three cohesive Business Application platforms that enable your company to reach the next level. Our Monumental Data, Business Suite, and Technology Suite seamlessly work together or individually to provide the missing link your company needs to succeed.

Monumental Data

We provide meaningful information through not only our business suite applications but also by integrating and correlating data from your other applications.

Powerful features allow you to optimize your business flow now and add more visibility as your company grows without adding unnecessary headcount.

Business Suite

Management package

Fully integrated tools allow your employees to enter data once and it will be accessible in all other systems

Automation package

Eliminate the unrealized cost of manual intervention

Paperless package

Clean up not only your desk, but your multiple document storage locations

Technology Suite

Monitoring package

Use metrics to know when hardware needs replacing before it becomes a problem

Analytics package

If the acronyms PII, HIPAA, or GRC are important to your organization, you need our SIEM to stay in compliance

Parallelism package

Give your data the movement it deserves by integrating with other apps

Our Business Suite includes essential services that can boost accountability, efficiency, and success.

Management Applications

Project Management

Time-saving, task-oriented features needed for successful execution.


Nurture prospects and accelerate revenue growth.

Automation Applications

Tasks / Ticketing

Improve productivity with an efficient flow of tasks and tickets.

Time Tracking

Keep your workforce productive and cost effective..



An organized team knowledge base that doesn't overwhelm.

Password Manager

Demonstrate compliance, avoid data loss, and mitigate risks.

Our Technology Suite enables you to provide next-level support and satisfaction.



Monitor the uptime and performance of all network, server and endpoint equipment within your organization to ensure optimal use of technology.



Store and analyze your security data and logs with minimal setup time. Enables the early detection of threats.



Pull key data from your IaaS or SaaS vendors.