Are you a SolarWinds customer wondering if you should switch to a different monitoring and management tool?

The CISA issued an Emergency Directive

This is a very serious security risk and could be more impactful to customer networks than originally thought. It appears that SolarWinds has known about this threat for several weeks if not longer, but did not notify authorities nor its customers.

We are offering discounts to current SolarWinds customers who would like to switch to a more secure monitoring solution.
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Go Beyond the typical RMM

Are you paying different companies for a paging service, status pages, remote login / access, and monitoring?

Integrate DataMAPt's products and features to streamline services that are usually offered by separate companies.


Multi-tenant Collaborative Architecture

Gain access to DataMAPt's extensive libraries to add functionality to your existing software and services. Whether you host a multi-cloud architecture or offer secure, closed-network products, DataMAPt offers new insight into your data and reporting needs.

Front-End User Interface

Choose from any of our unique dashboards or create new ones to display your services in new ways.

Back-end Processing

The DataMAPt service has extensive libraries to handle multi-tenant processing, historical reporting, log analysis and much more.

API Integration

DataMAPt provides a traditional RESTful web API as a means for programmatic access to create, modify, and monitor MAPt devices, customers, and users.

Public Safety Suite

We provide a complete management solution to ensure your network and infrastructure are optimized.

Our service can collaborate data from all of your applications into easy-to-use dashboards that can be specific to your organization or shared between agencies.

Follow the flow of data from each point in your network from dispatch to radios to MDTs and more.


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Benefit from a service that was designed for your
Public Safety Infrastructure