We monitor Critical Computer System Components and use this information to provide a view of the overall health of a Computer System.

We make sure resources are running optimally, allowing users to take proactive, preventative actions to avoid downtime and plan for growth, all the while saving time and money.

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Built for VARs and MSPs - Reseller Centric

Unlike most other SaaS solutions, we created the DataMAPt monitoring service with resellers as a central focus

Dedicated Dashboard


Detailed Reporting

Strenghten Trusted Advisor role

ROI Calculators

Security Concerns?

Allow DataMAPt to ease those fears with our Cloud-based security features.

Our innovative SaaS solution allows us to check for security threats unlike other download-able tools.

We quickly gather the data from many sources (servers, databases, log files, network devices and more) and then process it at one of our secure data centers.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Just like lightning, performance issues rarely strike the same place twice. Our in-depth reports help customers view the entire eco-system and analyze all of this data.

One key report is aptly called "What Really Happened" and lists all parameter changes, alerts, user modifications, custom notes and more.

Not only will it create a timeline of all events on one monitored object (a VM for example) but all of the devices it is dependent on (Physical Server, Storage Array, Network devices and more).

Overview of MAPt
Technical Perspective