Experience the Journey to Data Superiority

See how the DataStitch AI Platform contains all the tools needed to streamline your current applications, harness your data and position your company to scale effortlessly.

Presenting our DataStitch AI Platform

The complete business package to optimize operations, build confidence in decision making, and accelerate revenue growth. From data analysis to business management to a complete RMM solution, our platform has all the tools necessary for successful scalability.

DataStitch Business

All-in-one managed IT service
Integration to other apps
Streamlined customer lifecycle
Designed and developed in-house

DataStitch Strategy

Obtain data from disparate systems
Categorize data into retrievable data sets
Present data on a single user interface
Customized results

DataStitch Technology

Complete network visibility and control
Fine tuning for optimization
Early threat detection and remediation
Proactive mitigation

DataStitch Strategy empowers your data with limitless possibilities

AI-Based Strategy Planning

Leverage your existing data to create, track, and achieve company goals.

Generate Goals based on your Data
Visualize Goals across your Organization
Review KPI Data across all Systems
Plan/Execute Strategy across your Company
DataStitch Reporting

A digital gold mine of information for making strategically-guided decisions.

Reports Stitched to your Goals
Intuitive Access to hundreds of Datapoints
Reports using your Data Warehouse
Advanced Metrics like Email Sentiment Analysis
Task Integration

Seamless integration will give you unrivaled visibility across all data sets.

Integrate with DataStitch Business
Send Tasks to your Systems
Automated Task Project Tracking
Real-time Visibility and Anomaly Detection

DataStitch Business provides a seamless managed IT service

Project Management

Time-saving, task-oriented features needed for successful execution.

Intuitive, easy to use UI
Gantt Charts for project visualization
Kanban Boards to map progression
Milestone and Phase breakdowns

Nurture prospects and accelerate revenue growth.

Opportunity Management
Powerful Ticketing
Sales Forecasting
Data Mining Analytics
Service Desk

Improve productivity with an efficient flow of tasks and tickets.

Prioritize Tasks
Track Team Progress
Time-saving Automation
Seamless Integration
Time Tracking

Keep your workforce productive and cost effective.

Multiple ways to track hours
Categorized hours for analysis
Time Sheet Automation
Personal Calendar

An organized team knowledge base that doesn't overwhelm.

Full-text Search
Include figures and diagrams
Integration with Service Desk
Hierarchical knowledge base

DataStitch Technology keeps your team pro-active


Monitor the uptime and performance of network, server and endpoint equipment.

Agentless Monitoring
Automation of Tasks
Real-time Remote Monitoring
Proactive Maintenance and Remediation

Store and analyze your security data and logs with minimal setup time.

Early detection of Threats
Scrape Logs for certain Keywords
Aggregate Logging Data
Integration for In-Depth Reporting