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DataMAPt Version 3.4 Released

DataMAPt Version 3.4 is now available. We have implemented a new dashboard, called the Simplified Dashboard, and new command center options. Updates also include IaaS monitoring capabilities, and management elements.

Learn about all the new and exciting features.

Top New Feature

With the release of DataMAPt Version 3.4 comes the brand new Simplified Dashboard.

The Simplified Dashboard is fantastic for customers looking for a clean and fast view of their infrastructure. Also it is ideal for managers and executives to see overall performance and availability.

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Featured Article

It's all about IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of the fastest growing elements of Information Technology. In this quarter's featured article, learn about what IaaS is, how it works, and why it is so important to accurately monitor and manage it. Then see how DataMAPt positions customers to monitor and manage their IaaS objects and on-premise infrastructure.

Find out more about IaaS.


New Videos Available

Check out DataMAPt's new Overview video explaining what DataMAPt does and how it works.

For MSP and Resellers, take a look at the Reseller and MSP video, explaining the MSP specific benefits and features of the DataMAPt service.

New Tiered Pricing

Why pay for advanced features if you don't plan on using them? If you just need high-level monitoring capabilities, then DataMAPt has exactly what you need. Only pay for the essential features, which contain more functionality than other RMMs provide and at a lower cost.

Contact your channel partner, or DataMAPt Sales for a pricing quote unique to your IT infrastructure.