Centralized data from sales leads and customers is key to better organization and time management. A well-informed team can deliver extraordinary service and improve the chances of closing a sale.

Contacts - Sales

DataMAPt's Contacts System

Maintain a high standard for customer experience, retention, and service.

Aggregation of data to build profiles of leads and customers

Easy team access to important customer information

Frictionless communication streamlines teamwork

Elimination of repetitive, busywork

Real-time data for customer interactions

Collaborative communication increases effectiveness and reduces confusion.


Foster a better relationship with leads and customers.

Gain insights into the sales process through data analysis.


Improve workflow by keeping all the sales-related data in one place.


Easily accessed real-time information allows for an increase in sales and sales productivity.

Data mining

Understand patterns behind retention and churn rates to strengthen weak areas.


Improve customer satisfaction with DataMAPt's Ticketing service