DataMAPt provides a SaaS based monitoring and management system.

We make sure components and resources are running optimally, allowing users to take proactive, preventative actions to avoid downtime and plan for growth. Our agentless approach allows for fast setup times, and our subscription pricing is ideal all size companies.

We offer a Single Pane of Glass approach for complete remote monitoring, alerting, and reporting of the following systems:

Servers and Workstations (Windows, Linux, Unix)

Virtual Hosts (VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V)

Network Devices (Routers, Switches, Firewalls, and Wireless)

Databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, MongoDB)

Storage (SAN & NAS)


Here are a few examples:

The "network" is running slow.

No one can access the key tools your business depends upon. Consequently people are sitting around waiting for the Computer Repair person to fix it.

The Internet was running fine up until a few minutes ago, now no one can access it. You called the Internet Provider and they said nothing is wrong on their end.

And many more...

Typically, the servers and network devices that you would like to monitor are secured behind a firewall and not accessible to the outside world. In order to securely access these devices we have several options.

For a trial period we recommend setting up one of these and then we can add more access points to give you a 3-D view at a later time.

The fastest way to start your monitoring trial period is to download our stand-alone software.

Another quick option is a small appliance server. We can ship one of our pre-configured servers to your location at no cost for the trial period. You simply plug in the power and network cables and it does the rest!

Finally, you can set up a VPN connection to your network. The VPN can be set up in a few different ways. Please contact DataMAPt Support for this option.

Yes. Once the parameters of the network are provided to the DataMAPt service and DataMAPt has access to the network, our auto-discovery system will list all the components of the network.

It is a quick process to identify which components you would like to have monitored. You can create a schedule to run the auto-discovery at specific times to ensure all devices are being monitored and for security purposes.

DataMAPt can also Auto-Monitor your objects to quickly add objects automaticall.

Once connectivity has been established between your networks and DataMAPt, we use standard protocols such as WinRM, ssh, SNMP, etc to poll data from your devices. The data is sent securely back to one of data centers using our API and is viewable in our web-based Single Pane of Glass UI.

No, DataMAPt is agentless. You do not install software on the servers or workstations that will be monitored. In certain circumstances, for example real-time, high performance servers, an agent may be used to aggregate data at a high rate.

Users access DataMAPt via any browser-based system.

Simply click the Login button at the top right your screen while at www.datamapt.com and you can access all of your dashboards.