Remote Site Monitoring

DataMAPt monitors

Radio Tower Installations

Cell Towers

Oil/Natural Gas Wells

Remote Servers or Datacenter Configurations

Radio/Cell Tower Installations

DataMAPt can monitor the hardware and IoT devices at each wireless radio and cell tower installation. Accurately monitor uptime, network throughput, modulation, frequency and more on network devices to ensure your wireless WAN is connected and moving data optimally.

Each tower location can have dozens of network based devices, which can be monitored by DataMAPt with possibly no on site installation required due to our cloud based SaaS model.

As new towers are added into the wireless network, DataMAPt and auto-discover the new locations and automatically start monitoring the nework devices.

Example: A microwave tower configuration can have multiple towers located in remote locations across a very large, and difficult to access area. DataMAPt can access all locations and monitor critical components to check for uptime, connection consistency and more, without requiring physical access to install monitoring.

Oil/Natural Gas Wells

DataMAPt can monitor output data from sensors used in the oil drilling process, both through utilizing raw sensor data, and aggregating data collected by specialized SCADA monitoring equipment.

Using DataMAPt's SaaS architecture, start aggregating data and analyzing locations immediately. Alerts can be created to ensure the safety of the well project, and reports can be made to show overall progress and areas of improvement.

DataMAPt can remotely monitor the sensor data provided by well caps and tree configurations to determine flow rates, pressures, temperatures and more. If it has a data collection method, DataMAPt can monitor it and aggregate the information.

Example: Many locations for extracting oil or gas may be in some of the most inaccessible areas. DataMAPt can remotely access any network connected well tree or other configuration, whether it is on land, or offshore, and take advantage of all monitorable data points.

Benefits of DataMAPt's SaaS model

No matter what type of remote location you need to monitor, using the DataMAPt SaaS approach will provide you the most advantages while reducing installation time.

To set up monitoring, physical access to the location is not always necessary, only a network connection is required

Data from multiple remote locations can be seen on the same screen, and data can be aggregated together to find the highest (or lowest) performing location.

Alerting is created across all locations, and alerts can be sent to anyone via a web browser or smart phone.

Reporting on and analyzing sensor data can save your company money and time. Explore the wealth of data that DataMAPt provides