Monitoring SolutionsOur Unique Approach

DataMAPt provides a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) System

We offer one comprehensive monitoring tool, MAPt, to pull data and display the information in an intuitive and dynamic graphical interface.

Objects Monitored

Databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, etc)

Servers and Workstations (Windows, Linux, Unix)

Virtual Systems (VMware, Citrix Xen, etc)

Storage (SAN & NAS)

Network Devices (Routers, Switches, and Firewalls)

Monitoring reveals whether resources are running optimally,

allowing users to take proactive, preventative actions to avoid downtime.

Problems that Monitoring Addresses

Consider these common IT issues:

The "network" is running slow.

No one can access the key tools your business depends on.

The Internet was running fine up until a few minutes ago, now no one can access it.

The data that our monitoring tool, MAPt, displays is able to pinpoint the culprit behind many of these frustrating scenarios.

How does DataMAPt work?

DataMAPt is cloud-based. All information gathered from all of the critical components is stored in secure and redundant DataMAPt databases.

DataMAPt is agentless - we do not require customers
to install cpu intensive, unsecure agents on each machine.

Users access the DataMAPt dashboards via any browser-based system.

Monitoring Internal or Cloud-based Systems

To ensure that our monitoring tool can gather data as effectively and painlessly as possible we have several options available for our clients. You can see our most straightfoward method, a basic VPN connection, represented in the diagram below:

To see other possible setups please click here.

We know that every company's environment is different and we are happy to analyze the situation and provide the best solution for everyone. Please contact us to see what setup would be best for your company.