Monumental PSA

A complete PSA integrates different tools to form one seamless application. This allows companies to have instant access to current data for tracking progress, accountability, and overall health of workflows.

What is PSA?

PSA is an acronym for 'professional services automation. The PSA has many interconnected capabilities which simplify and streamlines the overall management of IT departments and MSPs.

Their capabilities include ticketing, invoicing, project management, document management, and more.

DataMAPt's Solution - Monumental PSA

Most PSA applications are a fusion of random products that a provider acquired over several years. This generally results in a confusing and disjointed system.

We are unique in that all of our services have been designed and developed at DataMAPt. This allows for a seamless flow between each service and forethought towards interconnectivity and integration with other products.

Six fundamental features for a complete PSA solution:


Easily create and assign tickets, track all active tickets, graphical displays, and more.

Project Management

Efficient high level tracking of projects, informative activity log, drilldown to specific project progress and more.

Time Tracking

Intuitive time sheet entry, total hour tracking, daily schedule of events tied to calendar and more.

Contacts System and Sales

Having a centralized customer data pool that is consistently updated allows for better sales preparation and delivery of customer satisfaction. Easily share information and track progress.

DataMAPt's Credential Library

You can share specific passwords with specific team members. Track usage, password changes and much more.


Documentation is more than just files and HTML pages. It is the integration data from other services, network diagrams, tickets, RMM data and everything your company tracks.


A solid SIEM platform allows for the early detection of threats and is a key player in your data security ecosystem. This security solution collects and analyzes log and event data to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities.


In one dashboard you can pull key data from your IaaS or SaaS vendors, send alerts to Ticketing and PSA vendors, and run detailed reports at an MSP or company level.


A comprehensive RMM platform is an invaluable asset for any MSP or IT team. Utilize unparalleled insight into network infrastructure to maintain an efficent, productive system.

DataMAPt's dynamic remote monitoring and management (RMM) enables you to provide next-level customer support and satisfaction.