Knowledge Sharing

A Safe, organized way to access and share important information. Keep the team informed and accountable.

Credentials - Documentation

DataMAPt's Credential Library

Share passwords with specific team members.

Track usage, password changes and much more.

Integrated Credential Storage Application

Reduces time spent finding common usernames and passwords.

Time Tested Mechanism

DataMAPt has securely stored encrypted passwords since the early days.

Flexible Password Storage

Individual passwords for sites and shared credentials for multiple objects can be stored.

Sites with One-Time Passwords

DataMAPt can quickly supply the OTP credentials and save time from logging into multiple sites.


Documentation is more than just files and HTML pages.

It is the integration data from other services, network diagrams, tickets, RMM data, and everything your company tracks.

You need a service that stores and analyzes all of that data.

Search and Filter feature

Makes it simple to locate stored documents.

Traditional Tree Format or Tabular Views

Goes beyond the standard wikis without the burdensome setup process.

Taking Documentation to new Heights

Link documents to RMM objects, Tickets, Alerts, and much more.


As with all of our services, you can limit control such as editing and viewing your documents in many ways.