Active Simplification

Explore your Enterprise architecture in a new light with DataMAPt's Active Simplification package. View Executive level reports or track your custom KPI's with one interface.

There is no need to use different tools to gather and report your key data anymore. With our always growing Integration database, native Auto-Discovery, Log Analysis and powerful API, DataMAPt can make any enterprise operate with fewer moving parts.

Features include

  Login Authentication to most Identity Providers

  Remote Access to select servers and applications with no VPN access required

  Status Pages to be transparent with your customers and internal teams

  Advanced Log Monitoring

  Customized Documentation that allows you to track and link documents and processes to assets, groups, and more

  Team Collaboration - On-call schedules, handoff notes, escalation priority

  Cloud Infrastructure Management toolset including our Breathable VM technology to efficiently reduce your IaaS spend

  Network Management tools

  Enterprise Reporting including detailed Oracle, SQL Server, Networking reports and compare against baselines to determine performance benchmarks

Harness the power of IaaS, IoT and Infrastructure Management with one innovative tool


Monitor and manage any object hosted by an IaaS provider.

All IaaS VMs can be monitored alongside your existing infrastructure, providing a cohesive overview of your entire operation.


Network connected objects are not limited to servers and network devices any more.

Don't allow peripheral devices to go un-monitored. Receive real-time data on all network connected objects on the same screen as the backbone of your infrastructure.


Take standard RMM services, and go beyond their capabilities.

Traditional and on-premise IT systems are still a vital part of your business.

With DataMAPt have a comprehensive view, and take control of your entire network from a single pane of glass.

True Enterprise Monitoring and Management


Our philosophy revolves around an agentless and highly configurable monitoring experience.

Tools that use agents are out-dated and not truly cloud aware.

Remote Access

Simply click on a server or network device from the dashboard to login from any network, or configure it for internal network access only - your decision.

No matter what type of remote location you need to access, using DataMAPt's Remote Access will provide you the easiest way to login to your devices.

With one click from our Single Pane of Glass dashboard, login to Windows, Mac, Linux, network devices and more with ease.

Why pay for another vendor such as LogMeIn or TeamViewer, when you can have a native solution built in with your management platform.

Choose from several connection methods including Remote Desktop Protocol, VNC, SSH and more.

Status Pages

Real-time incident updates

Public and Private Status Pages

Display Uptime, Performance, etc

Customized templates available

Network Management

  • Full network discovery in minutes
  • Schedule specific networks for discovery to detect unknown devices and look for security risks
  • Log Monitoring and Management - Use our wide array of log tools from log scraping, syslog/trap monitoring and off-site log storage
  • Network Topology map
  • Geographical map to show all locations
  • Auto-monitor objects if desired
  • Interface with existing tools to send/receive data

Servers / VMs

  • Comprehensive drilldowns to see historical and graph data in 1-2 clicks
  • Options for each IaaS vendor to manage specific features unique to their offering
  • Monitor on-premise physical servers and virtual hosts
  • ALL servers are visible on easy to navigate dashboards
  • Comprehensive Availability and Uptime statistics
  • Unique Windows Server monitoring features
  • SAN / NAS monitoring is available


  • Discover new methods to monitor all databases and servers across every environment with one tool
  • Extensive database and server metrics to pinpoint issues faster
  • Database Parameter tracking - Get notifications when key parameters are changed and compare parameters between similar databases
  • Object tracking - Shows all tables, views, indexes, program
  • Backups
  • Multi-tenant features for Oracle and other database systems
  • View all replication, clusters and multitenant databases in a single and highly configurable interface


Monitor every aspect of your data flow for most major replication technologies


DataMAPt's unique AI ensures all alerts are truly important

Flood control makes our alerting quieter than our competition

Send alerts to your email or to many popular ticket management systems



Google Cloud

Oracle Cloud


Many others

Door sensors

A/C systems

Fuel tank sensors

Drilling equipment

Power supplies


Take your monitoring to the next level and discover what you've been missing