Monitoring with DataMAPt's Exclusive I3M Technology

Explore New Data

Discover Unique Trends

Seek out Higher Productivity

Harness the power of IaaS, IoT and Infrastructure Management with one innovative tool.


Monitor and manage any object hosted by an IaaS provider.

All IaaS VMs can be monitored alongside your existing infrastructure, providing a cohesive overview of your entire operation.


Network connected objects are not limited to servers and network devices any more.

Don't allow peripheral devices to go un-monitored. Receive real-time data on all network connected objects on the same screen as the backbone of your infrastructure.


Take standard RMM services, and go beyond their capabilities.

Traditional and on-premise IT systems are still a vital part of your business.

With DataMAPt have a comprehensive view, and take control of your entire network from a single pane of glass.


Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

Many others

Door sensors

A/C systems

Fuel tank sensors

Drilling equipment

Power supplies


Take your monitoring to the next level and discover what you've been missing