IaaS Monitoring and Management
Use Cases

Case 1: Cloud Monitoring for Cloud Architecture

Treating IaaS deployments like a standard data center is limiting companies and how they grow with new technology.

Billing and other features are tied to the availability and resources of the IaaS virtual machines - so companies should shrink and grow their IaaS footprint based on needs.

As you turn to the cloud for your infrastructure needs why settle for on-premise monitoring or the standard monitoring that comes with your IaaS vendor? If you do then you will have multiple monitoring tools with siloed data for your organization.

DataMAPt allows you to manage and monitor any VM from multiple IaaS providers and your existing on-premise hardware all at once, on a single screen, and from any location in the world.

And most importantly, using DataMAPt can SAVE you money by reducing the resources that are used with your IaaS vendor!

Case 2: Web Server Overload

Your e-commerce business has been growing steadily for months, however in the past week sales have begun to slow down. The virtual machines your company relies on have been overworked. As a result your website is slow and it's almost impossible for customers to make purchases.

Protect the future of your business by monitoring your servers with DataMAPt and analzing growth patterns. You realize that your sales demand doubles from 2:00pm - 8:00pm.

Simply schedule to start more Web Servers to handle the increased demand during those times and pay for only 6 hours of usage!

Case 3: Resize Training or Demo Servers based on Daily Use

You have a large training class scheduled for next week and the typical training server won't handle the load.

Using DataMAPt's IaaS Management feature, schedule increased CPU and Memory for your training server and endpoints. You pay your IaaS vendor only for the resources while they are in use and then schedule to lower the resources when the training has completed.