Full Stack Monitoring
Use Cases

Case 1: When a Problem Appears the Circle of Blame Follows

Everything is running smoothly until a ticket is created saying that the company's website is not reachable. Suddenly the blame game begins as IT staff go back and forth over who should address the problem.

Should the network team respond or the DBA team? When there's no clear solution, troubleshooting a problem can take hours, days, or longer.

DataMAPt has created a reporting feature called MAPt FLOW which allows the user to view all servers and applications that are related to a particular object. When a problem arises, the first step is to simply run a MAPt FLOW report. Then you can quickly identify all alerts and issues that are tied to that server or application.

The days of tickets being bounced around from team to team, and wasted angry phone calls is over. With MAPt FLOW, not only will your infrastructure be running smoothly, but so will the teams that keep it running.