Public Safety Suite

Multi-Tenant Monitoring

No need for ancient monitoring tools, each running on a separate screen

DataMAPt Public Safety suite


Wireless integrators

Small IT departments

If you have diverse networks spread across multiple buildings and sites, or even a simple non-routed network

DataMAPt can show you everything on Customizable Dashboards

Tools and Benefits Readily Available

First time discovery process to get a complete network inventory

Reports to send to customers on availability, performance, and SLA metrics

Status Pages - show your end-users and customers how you are doing

IoT devices can be monitored and controlled from the same UI

Remote Access - quickly login to devices without the need of a third-party product

DataMAPt's proprietary multi-tenant monitoring gives you a 3-D view at your network

Interface with existing tools to send/receive data

Auto-monitor objects if desired

Network topology map

Geographical map to show all locations