Most microservices offered by our competitors are a fusion of products from all their acquired companies. This generally results in a confusing, disjointed system.

We are unique in that all of our services have been designed and developed at DataMAPt. This allows for seamless flow between each service and forethought towards interconnectivity and integration with other products.

Each of DataMAPt's services can be:




DataMAPt's Ticketing System

Integrates Effortlessly

There is no need to spend valuable time configuring existing features.

Synergy with Time Tracking

Time spent on tickets is automatically logged to DataMAPt's Time Tracking system, alleviating the wasted time of filling in time cards at the end of day.

Easy to Use

Your customers and employees can create, edit and view tickets in seconds.

MSP Friendly

MSPs can resell this microservice to their existing customers who need a powerful yet easy to use Ticketing solution.


Full reporting, time card approval and integrating to third-party ticketing systems is available.

Other Systems

Overly Complicated    Cumbersome Customization    Very Limited Features


Documentation is more than just files and HTML pages. It is the integration data from other services, network diagrams, tickets, RMM data and everything your company tracks. You need a service that stores and analyzes all of that data.

Search and Filter feature
Makes it simple to locate stored documents.

Traditional Tree Format or Tabular Views
Goes beyond the standard wikis without the burdensome setup process.

Taking Documentation to new Heights
Link documents to RMM objects, Tickets, Alerts and much more.

As with all of our services, you can limit control such as editing and viewing your documents in many ways.


Most 'integration' platforms are nothing more than glorified reporting tools. They simply pull your data, display it in tables and allow you to configure a small set of alerts.

At DataMAPt, we not only access API data in our RMM, we take the data further. We go beyond that small scope and normalize, aggregate and analyze the data from ALL integration sources.

What does that mean for our customers? A comprehensive set of usable data that allows them to spot security risks, performance trends, and much more.

No more need to have to purchase other tools to filter and report on your data when DataMAPt can handle it all. Our data can be exported in many formats for BI tools if desired as well.


DataMAPt's Credential Library

You can share specific passwords with specific team members. Track usage, password changes and much more.

Integrated Credential Storage Application

Reduces time spent finding common usernames and passwords.

Time Tested Mechanism

DataMAPt has securely stored encrypted passwords since the early days.

Flexible Password Storage

Individual passwords for sites and shared credentials for multiple objects can be stored.

Sites with One-Time Passwords

DataMAPt can quickly supply the OTP credentials and save time from logging into multiple sites.

DataMAPt's Time Tracking

Automatically record your employee's time based on the work as they complete it.

30 minutes on a call

45 minutes clearing an alert

2 hours in a meeting

3 hours 15 minutes automatically entered into their time sheets

For MSPs, the time is separated by customer and can save time in billing and invoicing.

Key features such as time sheet approval, locking previous time periods, exporting to third-party source and much more are available.


Finding an affordable and customizable security solution for MSPs and SMBs used to be difficult until DataMAPt combined its RMM, Log Monitoring and Integrations features into one easy to use service.

Advanced Logging features

You can scrape logs for certain keywords, have logs sent to a log collection server for analysis and even setup offsite log retention plans.

Aggregate Logging Data

With the other core DataMAPt features, this data can be aggregated and you can discover threats previously undetected with other solutions.

Extra Features

Create alerts and send to other analysis tools for even more in depth reporting.

Sites /Locations

Display your physical and virtual sites in unique ways to track assets, employees, network performance and more.

MSPs can quickly view their customer sites and diagnose alerts faster.

Experience DataMAPt's exclusive 3-D network view by monitoring your applications from each remote site. View customer experience speeds by monitoring throughput to each location from separate remote sensors.

Geographical maps and virtual network diagrams for each site, and between each sites can be configured to give a complete picture of your layout.


As many companies migrate some or all of their services to cloud platforms, the network connections to their sites are even more critical than before.

DataMAPt can display logical network diagrams, topology maps, network assets and more.

By using our unique Auto-Discover service, you can map a customer's network in minutes and pro-actively scan to search for threats. Inventory Control is another feature that Auto-Discover can simplify.

Track the WAN bandwidth, top network interfaces, VPN connections and many more metrics.


Using DataMAPt's RMM suite, or pulling data from another RMM via our Integration package, you can monitor all of your infrastructure.

On the same screen view your IaaS assets (for instance AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc) next to your physical devices like routers, laptops and servers.

For many IaaS partners you can manage your services and VMs through our powerful interface.


Agentless Monitoring

Makes deployment a simple, uninvasive process.

Custom Setup

Configure a few endpoints or a full data center.

Remote Access and Remote Management

Allow your staff the ease of remediating issues with just a few clicks.

Configuration Tracking and Network Device Patching

Can improve your bottom line by shaving hours off of projects.


Any site can ping a website and tell you if it is up or down. In depth monitoring of the overall health and using RMM and Integration data for a website is DataMAPt's forte.

Know before your site suffers performance issues with pro-active monitoring.

For even more transparency, use DataMAPt's Status Page feature to provide insight into performance issues, outline maintenance windows and more.