Multi-tenant Collaborative Architecture

DataMAPt’s architecture has been designed to be used in any OEM / White Label capacity. It is more than a monitoring and management suite of tools.

Our software can complete existing applications by integrating your software with either our front-end UI or back-end processing.

Front-end User Interface

  • Add extensive graphing libraries

  • Import data into our object-oriented data model

  • Manage multiple customers or locations from one interface

  • Integrate existing platforms (Grafana, 3rd-party UI’s, etc) onto one dashboard

Back-end Processing

  • Log analysis and integration with other vendors

  • Process analytics in our SaaS model and export to your preferred front-end application or API

  • Create BI models and analyze with ease

API Integration

  • Use our extensive API to send or receive performance, BI and other data

  • Create unique API tokens per user, customer or application

  • Interface with your applications or 3rd party vendors to create a detailed repository