Cloud Infrastructure Management

As you embrace new cloud technologies such as Dynamic IP Infrastructures and containers, your management console should natively handle all of them as well.

DataMAPt allows you to manage applications, servers and all cloud features on one dashboard.

DataMAPt can increase productivity of your teams and applications

Breathable VM Technology

Intuitively manage your applications, whether in containers, clouds or on-premise.





Take Control

  • Auto-Scaling: Use DataMAPt's exclusive monitoring suite to automatically increase or decrease resources based on performance metrics

  • Power Management: Schedule the start and stop of your VMs and services depending on usage to save money

  • Performance Management: Schedule when to add or remove resources such as CPU, memory and disk


Migration Comparison Reports

You have been told that moving your applications to a new cloud based platform will increase performance.

There is only one way to find out. Compare performance metrics before and after the migration with DataMAPt's reports.


Don't settle for monitoring tools that are not cloud aware.
Take your cloud and hybrid infrastructure to the highest level by using
DataMAPt's Unique Management tools